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Sunday, 31 January 2016

a new school year

The New School Year
(Di Mathews: churchwarden /blog administrator)
This week was the beginning of a new school year. The mad rush to get uniforms ready and to be organised. Kids nervous to return to a new class and parents eager for the peace and quiet of ..."kids gone back"...
Id like to share a private view on the value of "TEACHERS".

The following is written by a gorgeous young lady. A mother of 2 children, her youngest child has just started school this year. Her perspective of teachers is passionate. She grew up not knowing school after the age of 10. So why would she adore teachers so much??? Let me share her words....

"Bless the teachers, who are some kind of saints; watching over more than twenty kids everyday, guiding them, loving them. People don't realise just how important they are to our children's lives and growth.
Its true though teachers are seriously important.
Yeah, they kinda lay the foundation of the world the kids grow into. They teach them everything they need to know. People think its not important to know the history of our country, or how to add and subtract. They don't just teach academics, they teach us things like - not to hurt others, a simple rule we all get taught in primary school - "keep your hands and feet to yourself".
If we all valued the things our children are taught then society would be different. Teachers help to learn about working in a team and that doing your best doesn't always mean winning a race. All of the education can help them to be whatever they choose. Maths and English could take you to a cash register at McDonalds or to be a teacher. Science could make you a doctor.
If parents appreciated the teachers more and understood the importance of the lessons being learnt, the kids could be absolutely anything they chose to be. Teachers must be saints or angels for the values and guidance they give our kids.
I do not think this is church worthy writing, but it is my own life experience. I did five years of school the rest is pretty much street knowledge. I could have been a surgeon or a police officer or the vet. I so badly wanted to be, but instead theres no place for a truly uneducated person in society. That's why im so forceful on my children's education. The teachers they meet will change their lives.
I finished year five in primary school (age 10) which I had to repeat because I couldn't understand simple maths or read and write very well. I missed a lot of school my whole school life. If my mum was away at nans, dad kept me home. If she worked long hours he did the same thing. I did start year six but dad pulled me out. I tried to go back but, because I had a violent history by then, I was unacceptable in case I caused injury to other students or staff.
I wanted to be a vet with my own practice one day. I know that even though I didn't make anything of my life I still became what I am thanks to people like teachers. I still had to teach myself to read better, to write and spell. Although math is something I could not teach myself. My mum tried to help with lots of books and crosswords but on one page I would pretty much only understand a paragraphs worth of words, but that was enough for me to learn the enjoyment of reading.
I just want my kids to get every opportunity in life. An education is the way to do that. Apart from taking my daughter into high school a few times I have never really been inside a high school certainly never for education.
I just think people have forgotten the value of education. I'm happy where I am in life. I try to use my street knowledge to learn normal things as well, and try to use it in good ways, in everyday life.
But I would also have been so happy to be a vet."
( Quote from Dia: Parishioner)
So as our children head off to school, realise the value of this gift and the future that it may lead to. God has given us all gifts of the Spirit, and teachers are blessed with the opportunity to mould and strengthen our children.
Keep teachers in your prayers, that God will guide them.
Grant, we beseech thee, O heavenly Father,
to all who teach in our schools,
the spirit of wisdom and grace,
that they may lead their pupils to reverence truth,
desire goodness, and rejoice in beauty;
so that all may come to know and worship thee,
the giver of all that is good;
through Jesus Christ our lord.
(The Book Of Common Prayer)

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