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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Aussie Day...

´♪ `'•.¸ ¸.•'´♪`'•.¸  Australians all let us rejoice...♫♪¸.•'´♪ `'•.¸
(Stroooth maate, woz Straya day da uva day.)

If you were surfing social network this last week you would have seen various responses to the Australia day celebrations. Australia Day is celebrated on January 26 each year to commemorate the first landing in Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip. However, to many of our Aboriginal Community this day represents an invasion day and is one of sadness and mourning rather than celebration.
Lets see if we can do prayer for "Australia day"
O God, our Father, creator of all.
Who painted our sands golden, and our seas blue;
enlivening our skys with colourful birdlife;
and our land with the most unique of creatures;
Surrounding us with beauty and wonder.
We thank you for your glorious creation.
O God, our Father, help us,
To keep our soil peaceful and free from war;
our eco-system strong and balanced;
and our society caring and loving;
We pray for your assistance in our stewardship.

O God, our Father, in whose image we are created;
Having brought together such diverse cultures,
Comfort and heal native Australians who mourn,
and assist them to keep their culture alive and proud;
Forgive the sins of convict forefathers shipped here,
may their offspring be grateful for freedom;
Nurture those who have joined us more recently;
create within them a new sense of belonging;

Give all of us direction and hope, uniting us as one.

This we ask in Jesus name. Amen

If you are Aussie and want to add suggestions to the prayer please use the comments below. Hope your Australia day was filled with Gods grace.

( Thoughts and prayer by Di Mathews: churchwarden /blog administrator)

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