St Hilda's Anglican Catholic Church Service Times

You are invited to join us for Anglican Catholic Holy Communion / Mass on:
Every Sunday, Maitland NSW Australia. Venue: St Marys School Chapel in Victoria St. Mass at 11am.
Fr Matthew Kirby for further details.
Check here for any additions or cancelations of services.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Mary, Did you know?

Anglican Catholic Communion / Mass on Sunday 22nd December 11am at Maitland.
Then Join us for Christmas Service on Wednesday 25th December 11am at Maitland.
St Hilda's Sunday Service for the 29th December will be held in Taree.
Email: Fr Matthew Kirby for details.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Wednesday 25th December is Christmas Day.

It's not uncommon to overhear people complaining about the commercialisation of Christmas 
and how it has "lost all of it's meaning". Its also common for many to feel alone during this time.

This Christmas Morning do something about making Christmas meaningful and put the 
CHRIST MASS back into Christmas. Then make sure you are not alone Christmas day, bring 
yourself and the your memories of loved ones who you may be missing and join us in prayer 
and communion. Our service starts at 11am, that even gives you time to sleep-in.

You can find us in the School Chapel in Victoria St Maitland.
All Welcome.