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Thursday, 28 January 2016

An Evening Prayer

An Evening Prayer
O God, our Father,
We thank Thee for this day which is passed from us now.
For any glimpse of beauty we have seen;
For any echo of Thy truth that we have heard;
For any kindness that we have received;
For any good that we have been enabled to do;
And for any temptation which Thou didst give us grace to overcome;
We thank Thee. O God.
We ask Thy forgiveness
For anything which has spoiled and marred this day.
For any word which now we wish that we had never spoken;
For any deed which now we wish we had never done;
For anything which makes us ashamed when we remember it;
Forgive us, O God.
Eternal God, who givest us the day for work and the night for rest,
Grant unto us , as we go to rest, a good night sleep;
And wake us refreshed on the morrow,
Better able to serve Thee and to serve our fellow-men.
This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord.
(Prayer by Professor William Barclay)
There are many ideas floating around, many books written and many formulas suggested, regarding the best way to pray. There are many elegantly worded examples of prayer available to us. Some we know as familiar, some are new gems we have just discovered. However you pray, keep in mind the most valuable prayer consists of honest and intimate conversation between you and God.
Having said that, did you just read the words of the prayer above, or did you pray them?
I invite you to re-read each line giving thought to what it is saying and expand on each idea. Share with God, each positive and negative memory of the day that these words stimulate. Use the words of the prayer to create conversation with Him. Remember though that conversation goes two ways. When you have finished, listen. When you have shared your day with God, having honestly opened you heart and mind to Him, listen and feel His presence and His love.
God Bless.
Sleep Well.
( Thoughts by Di Mathews: churchwarden /blog administrator)

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