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Friday, 25 October 2013

Prayer for a broken heart

This is a photo of "Lisa" taken last week on her 21st birthday. As you can see from the surrounds she spent her special day in hospital. She was hoping to get released by the end of the day but her kidney, liver and lungs were not doing too good so sadly she remained in a hospital bed. Lisa has a serious heart condition. 

This week she has been transferred to a different hospital and is awaiting tests to see if she can get onto a heart transplant list. Over the next few weeks specialists will look at implanting gadgets, and goodness knows what, to keep her heart functioning better until a transplant or some other option might become possible. 

Lisa is a local girl and comes from a difficult background. She doesn't have very much emotional support around her. She is going through a lot of this journey alone. A dear friend of Lisa's has asked if our parish would pray for her. 

Please take a moment to pray for Lisa, that she find relief and comfort, that she may realise that she is not alone in this battle but that God is walking with her.

Thank you... God Bless

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