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You are invited to join us for Anglican Catholic Holy Communion / Mass on:
Every Sunday, Maitland NSW Australia. Venue: St Marys School Chapel in Victoria St. Mass at 11am.
Fr Matthew Kirby for further details.
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Friday, 12 July 2013

Thought for the day

"Nobody cares how much you know, 
until they know how much you care."

Remember a time in your life when God showed you how much He cares.

There are people all around you that need to know they are not alone, that someone cares about them, about their struggles, their fears and their pain. Showing you care doesn't have to be hard. A simple smile and a genuine "How are you?" that waits and shows interest in their reply can sometimes make a huge difference to someones day. When people struggle they often feel useless and undervalued, that nobody sees or cares. Are you guilty of pretending not to see? Have you reached out to at least one person today? The person you need to reach out to could be a total stranger, or it could be someone right under your nose... open your eyes and your heart, you will soon find them.

The image used is Mary Magdalene from the "Entombment of Christ", 1672,  
from Saint-Martin Church in Arc-en-Barrois (Haute-Marne, France).

You are invited to join us at the Anglican Catholic Church this Sunday for prayer and Holy Communion.
At 11am in St Marys School Chapel in Victoria Street Maitland NSW Australia.

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