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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thought of the day - to blow or spit?

"If you blow a spark, it will glow:
If you spit on it, it will be put out:
yet both come from your mouth."
Sirach 28:12

Our choice in words hold the power to make-or-break a person.
I know an ex- teacher who states that for every one negative you need to say to a student, you need to balance it with voicing 10 positives. This is an example of how much strength a single negative comment can have on someone.

Being human we are all aware of our inadequacies. We all struggle with insecurities and fears. We all have irrational emotions. We all suffer from egos which can be wounded.
"The blow of the whip raises a welt, but the blow of a tongue crushes the bones." Sirach 28:17 Slander and gossip doesn't forgive the human frailties of its victims. 

"As you lock up your silver and gold, so make balances and scales of your words." Sirach 28:24b,25a. Just as we have the power to hurt people with our words we also hold the power to build up and strengthen others. We can do this by encouragement. Taking a few moments to acknowledge a job well done, to thank someone for a kindness, to tell someone that you agree and support them, to remind someone that they are appreciated and valued. Take a moment to re-look at a situation, then seeing it through Grace, find a positive in it.

I issue you 2 challenges today.
1)  Identify a "spark" within someone that is positive - "blow" on it, help to make it grow. 

2) Keep your eyes open for that spark which is negative - quickly "Spit", extinguishing it before it can take hold.

God Bless...

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