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Monday 13 February 2017

True Love.

She had beautiful brown hair with a fringe and the deepest brown eyes. Her name was Pam. She lived next door, and we would walk to school holding hands. I loved her.

Then her parents moved away, and I never saw my beloved Pam again. At the age of six one seems to have very little control over one's parents and the course of life.

I recovered, then years later, I saw her - the girl of my dreams - Renee, blond, blue eyes and even curves where the glamourous movie stars had curves. She was fourteen. I was twelve. I adored her and followed wherever I could.

What hurt most was that she got this big kid to come and tell me to "rack off".

Ive learnt a lot about love since. It certainly never runs smoothly. Ive learnt that love and suffering are very much tied together. Ive also learnt that the moments of bliss and contentment and joy still make it worth the while to love, and be loved.

Thanks Father, for the gift of Love, and people to love. Thanks for the insights it gives into the way you love each of us, however different - but for ever.

(The above text is published with permission - 
from the writtings of David Pullar. Illustration by Andrew Pullar)

As I walk through each day 
you offer so many opertunities to practice love with my fellow man 
so that I may master what Love is, prior to standing before you. 
Help me to see the good in others 
so that I not only love those who are kind to me 
but also those who are not.

Allow me to glimpse at their potential 
and see them as you do, 
Remind me of my own shortcomings 
and the fact that you still love me 
even though my journey is yet to be completed.

(prayer by Di Mathews)

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