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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Requiem Mass for Kay

This is a photo taken of Father Matthew Kirby when St Hilda's Parish held a Requiem Mass for Kay Jackson-Rees on Friday 31st October at 10am.
Kay was diagnosed with terminal cancer 2 years ago.
Kay was originally baptised when in her teens as a dare with her young friend, they wanted to see the "swimming pool" under the floor. Her life wasn't always easy but regardless of the challenges and pain which came her way she always found what she called her "Pollyanna", a positive way of looking at things, she remained giving and forgiving to all she met. Although she lived a very Christian ideal, the pain from her younger years meant she had trouble accepting "God".
The 2 years since she was diagnosed represented a time of growth and new understanding. It is interesting how our focus of what is important can shift when we hear the word terminal. Things we once thought was important seem quite trivial. We start to look closely at who we are and our mistakes, our regrets, our loves, our achievements. We re-evaluate how we see ourselves and what is of the most importance. We look for love, acceptance and peace while we still have the opportunity.
This year she renewed her Baptismal promise and started taking the sacraments. Kay never physically attended a mass at our chapel as her health made travel almost impossible this past year. Her name was mentioned in many of the lists of Intentions each Sunday and Kay prayed regularly for Father Matthew and many of his parishioners.
Kay passed away in her home in the company of her brother and friend on Sunday 18th November.
God Have mercy on the soul of Kay.
Eternal rest, grant unto her, O LORD,...

And let your light perpetual shine upon her.
May she rest in eternal peace, and rise in glory.

The Holy Spirit guide and comfort
all of Kay's family and friends,
that they may hold tight to the peace and love of God
during their time of grief and sadness.


( Written by Di Mathews: churchwarden /blog administrator)

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