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You are invited to join us for Anglican Catholic Holy Communion / Mass on:
Every Sunday, Maitland NSW Australia. Venue: St Marys School Chapel in Victoria St. Mass at 11am.
Fr Matthew Kirby for further details.
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Friday, 7 March 2014

Lord, have mercy.

Lord have mercy,
I feel your embrace in the air around me.
Your whispers encircle my soul
and through my tears I feel your presence.

I throw my head back momentarily loosing myself
in the vastness of the heavens.
I realise the smallness of my being
and my vulnerability before you.

My heart cries out in pain,
isolated and trapped.
I wordlessly pore out the poisons of the world
that have dented my soul.

Your presence absorbs the bulk of my wounds,
my scars left as a sad reminder
of the sin around and within me.
Lord forgive my sins. 

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