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Friday, 7 June 2013

The lessons we face

But the fruit of the Spirit is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF CONTROL; against such things there is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23 (ESV)

"God teaches us to LOVE by putting some unloving people around us. It takes no character to love people who are lovely and loving to you. God teaches us real JOY in the midst of sorrow, when we turn to Him. Happiness depends on external circumstances, but joy is based on your relationship with God.
God develops real PEACE within us, not by making things go the way we planned, but allowing times of chaos and confusion. Anyone can be peaceful watching a beautiful sunset or relaxing on vacation. We learn real peace by choosing to trust God in circumstances in which we are tempted to worry or to be afraid. Likewise, PATIENCE is developed in circumstances in which we're forced to wait and are tempted to be angry or have a short fuse.
God uses the opposite situation of each fruit to allow us a choice. You can't claim to be GOOD if you've never been tempted to be bad. You can't claim to be FAITHFUL if you've never had the opportunity to be unfaithful. INTEGRITY is built by defeating the temptation to be dishonest: HUMILITY  grows when you refuse to be prideful: and ENDURANCE develops every time you reject the temptation to give up. Every time you defeat a temptation, you become more like Jesus!
"    Quote from Rick Warren - The purpose driven life.

So what lessons are you currently facing???
How well are you passing Gods test of character???

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