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Friday, 10 May 2013

Mothers Day this weekend

This Sunday May 12th 2013 is Mothers Day.

The first mothers day was celebrated in 1908 in America When Anna Jarvis held memorial for her mother, She then campaigned to have Mothers day recognised as a holiday. By 1929, to her disappointment, it had been commercialised.

Closer to home, Mothers day in Australia was started by Janet Heyden of Sydney in 1924. She organised school children and businessmen to donate and bring gifts to patients at the Newington State Home for Women. Unfortunately, since then, our Mothers day has also become commercialised.

Last week I was sitting in a friend kitchen. On the table was a lovely card that said "Mother" on the front. My friend grew up in an abusive family and since has worked with many children from sad or abusive backgrounds. Anyway, my friend had spent ages in the store going through all of the verses in the cards. Opening each one she'd read a sentimental and romantic verse about an idealised iconic woman. Closing the card and shaking her head she'd return it to the stand and open the next one. Beside her was a man doing almost exactly the same. Finally they both found something they were comfortable with. Although my friends upbringing was far from idea, she put herself through university and traveled the world. Her hard upbringing gave her a strength and purpose that allowed her to understand and help many young people with behavioral and learning difficulties. Her life became a blessing to many.

We are not "Hallmark" perfect. Each of us is a sinner. Including our parents. Most parents try hard to love and nurture their children, wanting only what is best for them. Parenting is THE hardest jobs in the world. If you want to do something special this Mothers Day, then pray for all of the mothers that need Gods assistance. Pray for all the mums who are scared, lonely, hurting, frustrated, exhausted and in need of love and guidance. Ask the blessed Mary to help them find courage and direction through Jesus. Pray that mothers who are struggling emotionally might use God's love as a model for nurturing and relating to their families.

If you have/had a wonderful mother, or you know of one, don't take her for granted. Instead take the opportunity to thank her, to tell her she is appreciated and loved.

God our Creator, we pray:
for new mothers, coming to terms with new responsibility ;
for expectant mothers, wondering and waiting;
for those who are tired, stressed or depressed;
for those who struggle to balance the tasks of work and family;
for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;
for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;
for those who have children they do not want;
for those who raise children on their own;
for those who have lost a child;
for those who care for the children of others;
for those whose children have left home;
and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.
Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender,
and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good,
living not for themselves alone, but for God and for others.

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